Wednesday, 23 April 2014 00:00

The Cardinal Grand Cross- Get dreaming!

Hi! With the Cardinal Grand Cross many are chatting about happening today and tomorrow, we are being advised to tune into visions that feel great. The energy is present to propel us forward to help them occur and to shift us from focusing on old unpleasant feelings/stories. Here is a little vid to talk you through the process. Here is a summary of what it says! 1. Write out on a piece of paper, one below the other: Relationships – Work – Home- Personal Development- Health and Fitness – Money. Tune into the feeling of delight – imagine it and feel it . Go forward 12 months from now and see what vision/idea comes to you that feels great (full of delight) regarding relationships, work, home… etc. Then go back focus on delight again for today/tomorrow and write out a vision for each category. Read the 12 month vision nightly. It is very powerful to write out a fresh vision/soul’s goal for the each day. Opportunities will arise to fulfill your visions and you are now directing and living your life through delight. Expect more feel good feelings to arise. Be brave and give a go to focusing on what feels amazing. Good luck. Please feel free to ask any questions here. Apologies if the vid is n’t great and for the eye blinking that happens without me realising it sometimes! If you haven’t any vision or are having a tough time at present , I advise getting a piece of paper and just doing this practice right now. You have it then and can update it/change it whenever you like. Love to you xx

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