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Getting back into the swing of things after an amazing Body and Soul festival! Featured

Ahhhh so much fun!!! I love having fun! It was the 2014 summer solstice celebration too with a magnificent air of delight and love surrounding all.

I've been on a bit of a "fun fast" recently, staying focused, working on finished the Soul's Goals book et al.

These things can take a while and so what can I do but go with it and do it! I absolutely love the work, the writing and am pretty much enjoying being alive!

I've been realising how lucky I am these days, in fact how loved I am by the creator/universe/life/love has been passing through my awareness. It's ironic to say that I've worked hard for over 10 years to see life this way, but it's true and it's paid off. We've been trained to feel the opposite and nearly despise anyone who turns around and says, "oh yes life's lovely!"  I believe that everyone is totally loved by life, and as we open up to that concept it can blow our openness and contentment to a whole new level! 

It's just simple living has the capacity to make me feel really good! Of course, I think I put a large part of it to my use of the "soul's goals" which genuinely help my focus upon delight and "natural intelligence" become a reality (living through delight in every day life is pretty nice!). But still, it could be attributed to a number of things from consciousness to the new paradigm to "just is."

So I've had my head down focused upon completing Stage 1 of the soul's goals project, and well I was really ready for a party! I utilised the solstice energy as well as I could and as well as I ever have. I expanded it in to a four day journey of consciousness and followed my guidance which included:

  • Spending quiet time and a special meal with friends talking about our future community project (that is beginning to flow!)
  • Sitting at a lake watching the sunrise on the 21st and a magnificently beautiful day unfold. I'll post a photo here if you check back in a few days.
  • Writing - working on what I love
  • Cleaning- symbolic and pleasing, I enjoy a clean home and body!
  • Time with family, visiting parents and some other lovely family members :-)
  • Exercise; jogging at the beach morning and sunset, welcoming in the energy from the sky, sea and earth
  • Meditation- quiet time alone in stillness and under the beautiful sun
  • PARTY- Body and Soul festival which I attended with good friend Doireann and met other lovely friends, old and new. I even hung out with my ex-boyfriend very amicably and harmoniously (see the photo of all three of us :-)! I went on the Sunday and maximised the experience with 24 hours of pure joy!!!

body and soul 2014

What a great turn of the year. I am so utterly grateful to life and to the sun- you shone so beautifully upon us all. Thank you. And thank you to our ancestors who shone with us, to those yet to come already dancing with our auras and to our light brothers and sisters watching on, sending vibes of light and love through all. Thank you life.

So it's back to work. Am:

- Setting up a free souls goals workshop for anyone interested in finding out more

- also selling products on line; zapper, adults and children's parasite cleanse, arginine for energy, ornithine for sleep (check shop on website for more)

- trailing a few new products. One is an amazing concoction from Bach Flowers and crystals for healing "relationship break-up" To help clear negativity and realign with love. The other is a special device one wears when meditating to help one attune to the silence and peace :-) Let me know if you are interested and you may be even able to trail these products for free! 

- completing the soul's goals book

- completing the meditation leaflet

- energy healing sessions

If you have  any queries or I can be of help, please let me know. All is well.


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