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Failure and Success and synonymous with good and bad, and life judgment in general.

Truly every step and experience is valid, purposeful and even helpful.

When one fears that one is lost or just not feeling great, it is not because of the situation, but rather due to the lack of awareness of one's own center. When one looses oneself, then one can feel lost, alone, uncomfortable...

When one is aware of ones centre and breath, one is always ok- no matter what is happening.

Brian Tracy says that people always fail the first time they try something- always- can you believe that? I, the optimist, didn't, however having observed a great deal, I can see that it appears pretty accurate.

“Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” 
― Og Mandino

But then what is failure? Is it seeing a destination, and aiming for it, if one falls short and doesn't make it, we consider it failure. It is not failure though. For anyone who let's go and tries something that they wish to experience, the effort, the letting go, the activity of attempting it, regardless of outcome is a sure form of success. 

This may require each person to define what success means...

My old version of success 11 years ago was money, job, boyfriend... It changed then to happiness, then peace and is now somewhere between, peace, happiness, acceptance of what it, unconditional love and living in delight.

If one has dreams, a calling or just likes to live, they will end up trying many experiences on this planet. Just because one does not go as planned or hoped for, never means failure, rather it means, success, you are expanding in consciousness, trying things that you would like to experience and becoming the being you feel you truly are (the being who achieves the goal).

It's ok to stuff up! Infact, highly successful people stuff ups alot! It's true. The difference is that they do not see a "failure" as a destination, rather just a step on the path of life and to achieving their vision. The past is practice a girl once told me and I couldn't agree more. We can learn from it, and not just from our own past, the wise can learn even from other's past. How wise are you? 

And of course, you can never do anything wrong.

Life is a hologram and with your perception depends upon your vibration. An awakening from illusion and fear to love and truth is taking place through us all. How lovely is it to be apart of this journey!?

Glorious and painful some may say, like the old yin yang. And what guides this earth journey? Well, contrast has been one of the greatest shaping forces for us humans. Hot cold, big small, and in discovering one extreme, one always finds the other. Some say this is the yin yang, where in each extreme a little bit of the other exists, it must in order to create the extreme!

So what is advised is that one, enjoys what one enjoys, and what one doesn't, one simply turns it around, sees the yin in the yang or the yang in the yin. There is one precursor to this transformation though, first must one accept what is, then one can transform what is, first in the imagination, then all else follows.

Every step you take plays a role of the awakening of this planet. There is no real failure and there is wisdom- thankfully!

I wish you a splendid day.

I wish you the courage to go for the dreams which delight you

I wish you happiness and peace beyond your wildest expectations

What is your definition of success? _____________________________ This I wish for you too.


No more stagnation, let's enjoy everything and if we become battered and bruised from being great "soul"deirs in this world;

let's remain open to love, to receiving the love of the divine

let's remain open to bestowing love, being channels of the divine

let's be wise enough to learn something from the experience

Limitless courage and love exist for those who dare to live their dreams, the big ones and the day to day ones that can make any life regardless of circumstances, beautiful and meaningful.

Let us remember that our consciousenss is continually expanding and so is everyone else's


“Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
doesn’t make sense any more.”

― Rumi


The lovely group Harley who I performed with at Sweeneys on the 2nd of July. It wasn't a success in the traditional sense ;)  It was meaningful, insightful and a great step and success in many other ways :) And that's just the way it is! To anyone who is licking wounds from some challenge or trial, I understand it's hard and even painful, but if we can accept it and turn it around even in our imaginations to begin with, well something quite spectacular may come from it.  Love to you all xxxharley 2 july 2014 smile

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