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Delicious Food!!!!

I love delicious food!

At present  I am taking the herbal parasite cleanse which anyone can purchase from the shop page. This is based on the three herbs; wormwood, cloves, walnut hull tincture along with amino acids arginine for energy and ornithine for sleep and rejuvenation.

It's an amazing one month cleanse that can radically alter for the better how one feels.

I am now about two weeks into it, and genuinely I feel great!!!

It helps probably that the wormwood gives a natural high! Also the ornithine has one sleeping more soundly than ever and the arginine gives that energy boost that makes a morning run easy!

Yes I am happy, but that also is because I just ate a delicious meal - which is great news as it managed not only to be totally tasty and divine but also met the food guidelines of the cleanse:

  • Wheat free
  • Sugar free - including fruit and all sweet things!
  • Dairy (cow) free
  • Free of white potatoes, white rice
  • Free of yeast, vinegar, caffeine

Yes now you see how I am so happy that my meal still managed to be so tasty! here's how it came together:

  1. Soak 2 cups of brown basmati rice in warm water for 1- 24 hours- depending on how much time you have!
  2. Wash rice and cook with four cups of water in covered pot for 20 minutes
  3. Put three soup spoons of coconut oil in a frying pan
  4. Add large handful of fresh green beans from garden cut into 1 -2 inch pieces to frying pan
  5. Add half a handful of finely chopped red onion to frying pan, and 2 green finely sliced onions 
  6. Add 3/4 of rice from pot
  7. Mix 1 large teaspoon of miso with half a cup of hot water and poured over rice in frying pan
  8. Add about 100g grams (two good handfuls) of fresh spinach to frying pan
  9. Add about 2 fingers of sheep/goat feta chopped into little pieces to frying pan
  10. Mix it all for about 1 - 2 minutes
  11. Put on plate and topped with freshly chopped cucumber
  12. Absolutely amazing!!!
  13. Eat with big smile on face ;)
  14. Left over rice can be used in the morning to make delicious brown rice chai combo with almond milk - recipie to follow another day:)

I have lots of ideas and recipes as above to help anyone considering a cleanse and can send you a food chart with of tasty ideas! Remember it's not what you can't have, it's all the delicious new things you can have!

yum dinner


Here's a picture! Enjoy healthy food :-) X




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