I'm so happy to report that I have achieved and experienced major visions and desires that I have penned down over the past two years at Soul's Goals workshops. I had no idea I could achieve the delightful images that came to me. I am continuing to use this process and very grateful for the ease and flow that can be seen and continues to grow in my life. This is really good work. Thank you.


The Soul's Goals has given me a system which works. All the ideas and chaos in my mind has calmed. I can see more clearly and enjoy living each day more. This peace and yet progress really works. Thanks

Cleanse Programme Participant April 2020

Orla's energy and dynamism was inspiring and contagious, she displayed patience, kindness, enthusiasm and presence and was a joy to deal with. I will always remember that, 'I am the hero of my own journey' as a daily mantra from now on, thank you Orla

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