A big thank you to all who attended the most recent Soul's Goals Level 1+2 workshop on Saturday 30th at Tulfarris. We had a blast, but also a deep and powerful connection and transformative journey. 

As a result we are running another workshop over three evenings in Dublin. It runs fortnightly on Wednesday evenings from this Wednesday the 10th of Feb, and then again on the 24th and on the 9th of April. We would love to bring together a small group of people to work together through The Soul's Goals Level 1 and 2.


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If you are in any way a sensitive person, you may have been feeling quite thrown around energetically in recent weeks. keep calm and breathe just breathe 2

The intense shifts of energy on planet Earth have been clearing people's energy shields and resetting their patterned behavior and ways of being. Has this happened to you? Have you experienced big changes recently? Have you felt lost, stressed or unsure of what is happening? 

The changes that are happening at this time are for the higher good. The earth and all beings on it are going through a shift in evolution and that includes you and I. At whatever level this is affecting you, know that it is here to help you and to lighten your life.

Many people are being affected in different ways; some feel like their life is falling apart, and are fighting and resisting the change. Others feel like they couldn't care less! Many are tired, that is common right now, so just rest or let it go and get on with it!

The thing which makes an incredible difference at this time is breathing.

Yes simple pure breathing. I, like many people bring awareness into breathing, through meditation, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and now mostly throughout the day as we go about regular living. This simple change will alter your perspective and your feelings which will alter your entire take on life.

It will put you in touch with a gentle peacefulness that pervades even the most challenging of circumstances. Your presence will be more present than any outer circumstances. This is a great form of inner liberation and expansion of heaven on earth.

We are not alone, we are greatly supported by guides, angels and more. Call out for that for which you wish to receive help with. You will be heard and supported. Be clear. Awareness of breathing is like working out a muscle, start easy and it will naturally develop the more you practice. There is a whole book on meditation that will be released this year, there are so many pointers and things to share, but firstly, here is simple method of developing breath awareness. There could be many ways to do this, and I am not going to tell you that my way is right and someone else's is wrong! This is the way that works for me and I am happy to share it with you. It's a bit like brushing your hair, at first don't be surprised if it takes 10 minutes of brushing to become smooth and easy. Stay at it for 10 minutes. Set an alarm, close your eyes and go for it. Your whole soul is here, wouldn't it be nice to increase your soul presence for yourself and this planet!? Well this is definitely a way to go about doing that. For more information, please send a message. Meditation workshops, soul guidance workshops, energy healing and alignment sessions are all taking place regularly. With love, Orla

Inhabiting the present moment:

Meditation can take place in many forms; from singing, dancing, walking, sitting silently, chanting or even knitting. Whatever form one is drawn to, the experience is similar; it shifts one’s brain from regular thinking to being fully in the present moment. This total presence is what many crave in the modern world but do not know how to access. One may try many things such as food, alcohol and shopping in a bid to transcend the mundane life and connect to something deeper before they discover meditation. Meditation is free, available to everyone and more effective than putting money in the bank when it comes to building a loving and peaceful life and future. The following routine calms the mind and body, and will help connect you to the present moment. Practise this at will and look to introduce this to the beginning of all meditations. 

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Although you can meditate lying down, it more powerful and effective sitting up correctly. The basic positions are:

  • cross legged
  • kneeling
  • sitting on a chair with hands resting on your knees
  1. Consciously exhale moving your focus of awareness from the mind to the stomach muscles. Push the stomach muscles and lower back in towards the spine emptying all air out of the lungs as you naturally exhale. Pause, and hold the muscles in with no breath. Feel the body relax as a wave of energy moves through the body. Relax the stomach muscles as the body naturally inhales, and push the stomach muscles and lower back away from the spine for a full inhale. Again pause, and stay with the full breath when the diaphragm is full. Feel the wave of energy flowing in the body even after you have stopped inhaling. Observe as it turns like a wave in the sea and the breath is exhaled again.  
  2. For 5 breaths observe the natural flow as the diaphragm lowers and the stomach muscles push in to exhale, and the diaphragm raises and pushes out as you inhale as above. This way the stomach draws the breath in and out like a pump.
  3. Locate the oysters the lower back. This area is to the right and left of the spine at the lower back above the bum, close to where the kidneys are located. Bring awareness into this area as you breathe through the diaphragm and stomach muscles. It may take some practise, but will help balance and raise your energy. In future meditation as you bring awareness into the stomach muscles, bring it also into these oysters in the back. Place your hands over them too and you can do this for others. It is a great way to start a healing or any energy work. This area acts like a power centre and doing this raises your energy and boosts your general health.
  4.  Following on from above buddha
  • To exhale: push the stomach muscles in towards the spine
  • To inhale: push the stomach muscles out, away from spine For approximately1 minute (or longer if comfortable) use the stomach muscles to breathe as rapidly as you can this way. This oxygenates the body, benefits the mind, immune system and increases one’s presence.
    • The breath is controlled by the movement of the stomach muscles- can you feel this?


  1. Now continue breathing maintaining complete awareness in the stomach muscles. Stay focused!
  • Take 20 breaths spending longer on the inhale than on the exhale
  • Take 20 breaths spending longer on the exhale than the inhale
  • Take 20 breaths at your natural breathing speed – observe pauses
  1. Observe and feel the air entering and leaving the nostrils in the inhale and exhale for 2 minutes. Tune into the feeling of peace as you inhale and exhale through the nose. Breathe the air in peacefully through the nostrils and exhale it peacefully through the nostrils. After a few breaths this will become easier and will slow you right down into the present moment.
  2. Scan your physical body by moving your awareness from the top of the crown down to your toes.
  3. Breathe light and presence in and out of each area as you move awareness through the body. Give extra light and love to any areas that may appear grey, strained or that you feel would benefit.
  4. Complete the meditation by grounding yourself:
    1. On the exhale : Imagine a white line coming from a white light spinning above your crown down through the heart down through your base area, down the two legs and through the feet into the earth and imagine it going into a white light in the centre of the earth.
    2. On the inhale: Feel and imagine the white light at the centre of the earth flowing up through the earth, through your feet, up your spine and out your crown to the spinning white light which spins above your head.
  • Take three deep breaths; on the exhale the light flows from a spinning ball of light above the crown down to the centre of the earth on the inhale the light flows up from the centre of the earth up through the body to the spinning ball of light.

This is an expanded set up and standard grounding. It is enough for a full meditation or can be adapted to the start and end of any other meditation. The more you practice the easier it is to feel peace and stay with it or reconnect to it throughout the day.


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Hi and Welcome!

Thank you for all your support in 2014, be it purchasing product online, having a healing session, checking out the blog, coming a workshop and even sending a query. I would like to take this moment to  say, Thank you, and if you are a new customer or have just come across this page, Welcome!

Here are the main diary dates so far for January, February & March this year. 

If you have a query, feel free to get in contact. Thank you. Wishing a peaceful and magically authentic 2015 for us all.


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