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Hi and welcome again to Spring!  Amid the frost and snow, new life and love is in the air :) I've made a little video for you this month to let you know what is happening.  Namely: - Healing day this Friday, 6th of March in Dublin. 1 hour and…
Welcome to the Soul’s Goals workshopthis Friday evening, the 27th of February. It is aimed at people who are familiar with the work though if you are not but a bit intrigued you are still welcome to join us. There will also be in-depth 2 day workshop over last weekend in…
Monday, 16 February 2015 15:35

Spiritual Awakening

Welcome! There is a great change happening on planet Earth and we as a mass of beings on this planet are currently awakening. Awakening to the fact that: We are all connected. I can feel you. If I can feel your pain and happiness, then am I subtly feeling everyone…

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