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Friday, 07 November 2014 00:00

New Pinhole Glasses Now in Stock!!!

New Pinhole gasses now in stock! I discovered these when I worked in a health store in New Zealand. Pinhole Glasses are a safe and completely natural technique that may help improve your eye sight. For many people, especially those with age related vision loss, pinhole glasses have proven highly…
So essentially you are swapping your thoughts of the past or possible future for observing the breath. As the breath is always taking place in the now- it is in the present moment, and observing the breath literally switches one from nhf (not here frequency- thinking of the past or…
Latest news: Plan your month to include this great Soul's goals workshop to be held mid November- dates and details to be confirmed, at present loooks like November, 27th 7pm- 8.30pm. For clarity with soul guidance and building self-confidence. Sociable, powerful, feel good self-development  inner work. All donations accepted, suggested donation 10…

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