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Friday, 25 December 2020 09:35

Cleanse Programme April 2020

Woohoo! Get ready for a new you!  Hi friends, April is coming!!Online one month cleanse programmeCome join us wherever you are at.All welcome!A new new awaits for new earth this May.It is time to bring out the best in you.Don't worry, you've still got a while to eat chocolate cake!Sign…
Dear friends,     Last year I ran into trouble with this website. Certain bugs that the experts couldn't fix! As a result I created a new website that will launch soon. Rest assured, I have been busy with plenty going on regarding workshops, workplace wellbeing, healing sessions, natural health…
Friday, 20 March 2020 17:54

March 21st Love WorkShop

Hi all, After a great journey in our Januar workshop: 2020 Vision- Dream your greatest Dream, I'm dleighted to be hosting our March: Self-Love Development Day. This si the prefect workshop to switch on a healthy relatioship with yourself. Feel peace, happy about yourself. Be in and enjoy this moment…

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