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Come join our Cleanse Community Programme held twice a year, in April and October.

Experience help, guidance, meditation, recipes and community along with a private consultation, top tips and group calls. Cleanse at whatever level works for you. Send an email to be contacted when registration for next cleanse opens. All welcome! **Please scroll to the end of this page for more testimonials**


Cleanse Programme Testimonial 

'Orla is a wise and gifted teacher, healer and fellow cleanser. Her intuition and ability to see me, my needs and hold space for all members throughout the cleanse was inspiring and so very welcoming. Her technique is so gentle and kind, this is a cleanse rooted in support, no guilt, no pressure, simply an amazing life changing journey.' 


Food Guidelines and Suggestions

As a seasoned Parasite Cleanser, I just love the results of cleansing!

Depression, anxiety, lack of focus, tiredness, poor immune health, digestive issues, skin issues, poor sleep and waking up groggy are just some of the issues that a cleanse can transform. I encourage everyone to cleanse at least once a year no matter what's going on. It raises you vibrationally to a whole other level of reality; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

The following was first taught to I by my teacher, Merv, in New Zealand. 

I started cleansing due to illhealth in June 2004 and continued for many years. By April 2006, I had experienced such a shift in my consciousness and life that I left my well paying strategy business role and went to work for Merv so I could learn more about this incredible approach to wellbeing. 


During this time, I have witnessed many hundreds and probably thousands of cleanses. The information shared here is based on Dr Hulda Clark's protocol and what I was taught, experimented with, researched, observed personally and with clients. It is a simple enough approach; remove foods that feed parasites, take herbs to cleanse them out of the body, and support products to alkalise the blood, boost healing and rejuvinate the body. Should you wish, you can purchases a cleanse from this site, link below.

I also have a number of Youtube videos, and in addition offer healing sessions in person and online, should you like some personal support with your journey.

You are welcome to get in contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via facebook and instragram.

May you enjoy the upgrade! 



Parasites Eeek!

Parasites are microorganisms usually smaller than the eye can see that live off your energy in your system. They can cause all sorts of ailments from autoimmune disease to moodiness, up and down emotions, lack of concentration, coughing, skin issues etc.

Our body can usually protect itself from them, however if we get overly stressed, or have an illness we become vulnerable in our weaker state. The pesty friends breed fast too, with information indicating that they operate on a 2 week life cycle, yep every 2 weeks more are birthing! My teacher told me that it's not just the damage from the ailments and imbalance (they are connected for example to low stomach acid- which very much feels like overly acid- and a stomach never quite satisfied) but also they burrow around your organs which your body has to then heal. Thus, many people are operating in the world utilising less than 20% of their energy as the rest is going to clear up the internal work of these uninvited guests.

We are a natural environment for microorganisms just as the Earth is a natural environment for us.

Likewise some microorganisms work favourably for you (e.g. friendly bacteria) and some unfavourably (parasites), and many will become whatever the majority are- so you want to make sure your body is a healthy place for good bacteria and not the opposite...  

Good news is that you have the ability to clean things up and rebalance your inenr health. You cacn clear your body of excessive parasites. Going forth, remember, every year, do a good clear.  

A parasite cleanse is not just helpful for those with low energy or ailments, it also serves like an emotional and mental cleanser, and SUPER CHARGES one’s FOCUS and ENERGY.

For those already is good health, expect to become an even clearer, happier and more in tune version of yourself! Brighter, more awake, present, stronger, requiring less sleep and with the feeling of more time! I'm continually uplifted and amazed by the effects of a great cleanse.

During a cleanse you are ridding parasites from your body by:

  1. Eliminating the foods that feed parasites and affect your energy.
  2. Taking herbs to kill off and eliminate parasites from the body.

Food Guidelines

The following foods feed parasites and thus are eliminated 

  • Sugar, honey, agave... 
  • Fruit 
  • Dairy (cow products e.g. milk, cheese, butter - or all animal based products, consider a vegan based diet while cleansing)
  • Coffee/ caffeine – and all stimulants, so the body can rebalance.
  • Vinegar (except for apple cider vinegar)
  • Yeast (includes some breads, balsamic vinegar, pickled foods)
  • Wheat
  • White potatoes
  • White rice
  • Fresh mushrooms


What can you eat?

Here’s a general list of foods that are great for you and that you can eat plentifully during the cleanse.

Go organic as much as possible for greater nutrition and purity.


Any low/ gluten free/sugar free/dairy free bread!

Spelt bread is great.

You can buy ready made at markets/ supermarkets (Aldi/ Tesco/ Super Value/ Dunnes Stores...) and bake your own which you can buy in a pack at the gluten free/special dietary section of the supermarket- if you are baking your own- you can try soy milk instead of dairy. Baking my own and Soul Bakery available at some Super Value and Dunnes Stores locations are my favorites. Any lactose free unsweetened milk - Soy/ Almond/Hemp/ Rice milk… Use this time to try all different types of milk alternatives. Also it is easy to make your own. Make sure no added sugar or sweetener!

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Roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash will be possibly two of the sweetest foods you will have on the cleanse. In addition to yellow split peas and lentils they provide important nourishment for the spleen and meet your sweet needs well. There is no sugar, honey, fruit, nor artificial sweeteners on the cleanse. This will transform you mentally and physically. You can do it! It will also shift your mind to a whole new terrain in the most positive of ways. Stevia - buy online or from health store: This is a green leafy herb that is sweeter than sugar. It has not the same mass as sugar- which means it won’t create the same effect when baking, however, you can add it into sauces or whatever you are cooking/baking for a sweeter effect. A little goes along way- it is sweeter than sugar. It is actually good for your pancreas and doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels or feed parasites like sugar does. I recommend introducing this, only after 4 weeks of cleansing.


Stay away from caffeine during your cleanse. Eliminating stimulants helps the body reboot itself and get back into a natural energy flow. Herbals teas are great- chamomile for relaxing your digestive system and sleeping, mint for digestion, nettle for cleansing, acidic blood and painful joints, rosemary for concentration and the eyes and so forth... See what you have in your garden. Try plenty of teas through this cleanse as they help you feel well and it’s a good time to experiment with new things.

Cheese and dairy

Instead of cow based dairy products, try going dairy free and for a vegan diet. Vegan chesse is great and surprisingly delicious! Choose organic goat products if you must, for example some organic goat cheese. 

Meat, poultry, fish etc.

Stay away from meat completely if you can. However, I have seen many people who eat meat succeed and have a successful cleanse, so if you feel you must or that it will greatly help that is okay too. Some people may get great strength from roast chicken and salad etc. and that is okay. There is flexibility here. Here are general guidelines:

No processed fish/meats.

Do not eat any raw meat or fish- this is how certain parasites can enter the body.

Stick to good quality properly cooked organic as high quality as possible meats, fish, chicken...

Eat eggs if you feel the need, again go organic.

Breakfast Ideas 

Porridge - Oats are fine, mix with nondairy milk, seeds, raw nuts. Cinnamon and chai spices add delicious flavour.

I love brown rice instead of oats too. It's worth cooking a decent amount of brown rice and then using in a few different meals over a few days. It is also great served cold with salad! I like organic brown basmati rice and find it satisfies and clear sugar cravings and well as is warming, nurturing, comforting and satisfying! Be sure to seal it well in a lunch box in the fridge.

Eggs: Boiled, poached, scrambled with spelt toast.

Avocados - on spelt toast with a sprinkle of salt

Tomatoes/ cucumber, lettuce, hummus, vegan cheese - on spelt toast with a sprinkle of salt

Delicious salads

Try a salad at any time of day- also fantastic for breakfast. Gives the body great morning energy that can be seen in your glowing smile and skin.

Choose a combination of any salad foods including 

  • Lettuce  
  • All green leaves
  • Cucumber
  • Chopped up brocolli, cauliflower, celery... use a food processor, chop each individually for best results.
  • Beetroot (non-vinegar)
  • Hummus
  • Grated raw carrot and raw beetroot with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.
  • My favourite superfood salad- Click here to see Instagram Cleanse for info on this 
  • Red and green peppers, slightly steamed broccoli, mixed with hummus and toasted hazelnuts.
  • Salad Nicoise- Lettuce leaves, olives, soft boiled eggs, flakes, vegan cheese. Add brown rice and avocado for more deliciousness.
  • Warm grilled vegan holloumi salad- Salad leaves with some beetroot, almonds and cherry tomatoes..
  • Try replacing meat/ fish with lentils, chickpeas, chopped up vegan burgers and saussages, tofu...

Tasty meals!

Roasted vegetables on a bed of salad with any of the above ingredients. 

Courgette, vegan cheese and basil Frittata- Use some spices, or garlic when frying courgette and then remove- serve with salad.

Vegetarian Curry; put in some roasted veg or lightly chop up and cook- cauliflower, sweet potato, tomato, spinach, chickpeas… Add curry spices, coconut oil, fry together; add plenty of coconut cream and spinach during last few minutes. Serve with brown rice.

Delicious Dahl: A very important dish if you are vegetarian or vegan while on this cleanse. I once read that George Harrision said that being vegetarian is easy once you have dahl every day! I have to agree with this, it makes a big difference to my general strength and wellbeing. I like to add a few different types of lentils together, cook in veg bullion for 40 mins, light steam cauliflower for a few minutes, add curry spices, turmeric, pepper, florets of cauliflower, add either chopped tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, and in last 5 minutes organic coconut cream, and spinach. Wonderful served with brown rice or quinoa and with salad. Try some fresh lime juice on top! Delicious! 

Any form of stir-fry with brown rice is wonderful, add tofu, ginger, lemon…

Place cooked quinoa with cherry tomatoes and either vegan cheese in a dish into the oven for 10 mins, serve with salad. 

Brown spelt spaghetti with tomato sauce cauliflower, coconut cream, veg bouillon and spinach. Also great with homemade tomatoes sauce, lots of olive oil, herbs, vegan meatballs and vegan parmesan!

  • Brown Rice                                     - instead of white rice
  • Sweet potatoes roasted in oven    - instead of regular potatoes (release sugar more slowly in body)
  • Quinoa is a South American grain more nutritious than rice. It’s really nice, slightly nutty like yourself, and has protein in it which is great for giving you energy- can have it with warm with stir-fry or cold with salad...
  • Check out also amaranth and buckwheat as great options.
  • All vegetables (not too much corn or carrots as can be sweet- but a little is fine)
  • Make/bake bread/ scones pizza bases etc. Use spelt or look up gluten free, dairy free, sugar free recipes online- there are loads and try some out... 



Raw nuts might become one of your close friends;- Almonds, hazelnuts. Ideally go organic. Stay away from any old tasting nuts as they are mouldy and toxic to the body. 

Soak almonds overnight and take off skin the next day. Nutritional content, digestibility and satisfaction increase greatly with this. The skin on almonds is also said to be toxic, so really remove where possible! 5 - 8 a day is plenty :) 

Any crackers that are wheat free, sugar free and dairy free. I find Ryvita crackers great with avocado, cucumber, vegan cheese, hummus, salad...

Almond butter- delicious with celery! Or add some into a smoothie. 

Buckwheat /spelt pancake with savoury fillings and fresh salad, followed buckwheat pancakes with cashew butter and coconut cream! Consider adding almond butter to batter to increase protein and taste. Delish!

Cleanse Friendly Shopping

Sugar cravings and morning tonic!

Have 15 mls of apple cider vinegar in hot or cold water as a tonic each morning. Ideally start off your dad with 1 litre of warm water at least 1 hour prior to eating breakfast. Also great with lemon juice.

This also helps to sort out sugar cravings and cleanse the body.

Add cinnamon- 2 teaspoons a day to something you are eating if you like or take directly- this reduces sugar cravings massively and is good for you. Some people have even come out of Type two Diabetes by taking 1-2 teaspoon or 1-2 capsules of cinnamon a day, every day. 2 teaspoons of cinnamon in the morning are known to reduce afternoon sugar cravings. Note: Cinnamon can dry the skin.

Consider a liquid mineral supplement to rebalance minerals in the body.

Organic Super greens 1 - 2 times a day, to cleanse, alkalise and energise body. 


And why not add a few side dishes of...

Pray, meditate, affirm great health and enjoy! Whatever this moment is accept it. Act is as if you have chosen it. This acceptance brings peace and calm.

Tryg a prayer that makes you feel well or chanting any mantra that works for you such as the Maha Mantra,

‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare,’ 

Affirmations are self-fulfilling prophecies. Repeating an affirmation will help you achieve that outcome, e.g.

  • I feel great
  • I am happy with the choices I am making
  • I am proud of myself
  • I love being healthy!

All of these practices will increase the internal potency of light, give you extra strength to continue and bring you right into the here and now. 

Om Tat Sat

Hare Krishna!

Lots of love to you on your journey 

Treat yourself to watch the sunrise and it will give you a gift of extra energy for the day ahead

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Testimonials from Cleanse Programme Participants

Orla holds a peaceful and quiet calm, resonating a magical air to her offering. With a clarity and consciousness, Orla’s guidance and wealth of knowledge in wellness and the sacred feels nurturing and safe. Orla’s connection to source and nature is powerful and humbling. I’m very grateful to have connected with her.
Orla's energy and dynamism was inspiring and contagious, she displayed patience, kindness, enthusiasm and presence and was a joy to deal with. I will have 'Remember that you are always the hero of your own journey,' as a daily mantra from now on, thank you Orla
Orla is a wise and gifted teacher, healer and fellow cleanser. Her intuition and ability to see me, my needs and hold space for all members throughout the cleanse was inspiring and so very welcoming. Her technique is so gentle and kind, this is a cleanse rooted in support, no guilt, no pressure, simply an amazing life changing journey.
Orla was a tremendous support on this journey for me.
Orla is like a warm soft sunbeam bringing light to darkness. I love how gentle she was whilst leading our workshops. Her wonderful personality shines so peacefully.
It was great to be made aware of the parasite cleanse and it's positive effects on the body... The fact that Orla went into so much research to make this Cleanse a possibility for others is fantastic... Orla goes deep with her soul homework and has much to share in the way of nurturing the path of the soul. Anyone who works with her is benefited by sharing in her clear and beautiful presence. Peace, clarity, Inner resilience and self love are highlighted in her work... Though she has lots of amazing tips as regards food and nutrition. I would love her to make a cookbook... I would say it would be absolutely fantastic and I would definitely buy it! ❤️