Payment Information

Hi, this page is an information page regarding making payments on this website.

There are a number of options available: 

  1. Paypal: This is the main form of payment.
  • Paypal is easy to set up and can be used on lots of websites.
  • Once set up you can buy online safely around the world
  • It's easy to set up. There is a video below to give an idea of what's involved.
  • You can also have the option of not joining paypal but signing up as guest, an option at the bottom of the screen where you can put your credit card details straight through
  • Start the process straight away, as you may (or may not) need to go back to it in a week with a number which is printed on your credit card transactions (you can see it online). It takes about 2 minutes the first time and 1 minute the second time.

However, if you'd rather skip that process, and about 10% of customers do, I am happy to be able to offer you some other options:

  1. Cash on Delivery: This is for special circumstances and possible in certain cases where the amount being purchased is for over €100 and within reasonable distance.
  2. Bank Transfer: You have the option of doing a direct transfer online to a bank of Ireland Bank Account.
  3. Cheque: If you rather cheque it payment wise, you are welcome to do so. The cheque can be sent to the contact address on the website, Orla Phelan, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lwr, Dublin 2, Ireland. Your item will be posted upon lodgement of the cheque.

You are welcome to send an email or call if you have any further queries. Thank you for your visit to this website.