Services and Pricing

Services and Pricing


I have been practising healing since 2003 and have trained in Touch for Health Kinesiology, crystal insights, flower essences, homeobotanicals, working with angels, Z Point for Peace and more. My work and sessions have now evolved into a unique form of healing using touch, sound, crystals and word.

Healing helps people heal and feel more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually integrated. It helps poeple relax, feel present in the now and more connected to their heart, life and inner wisdom. 

We are all going through changes at present as we go through a leap in evolution. 

You may be looking for support with a particular challenge, such as changing job or healing something from the past.

I also help people raise their game to the next level. What is the strongest area in your life? Well let's help all areas strengthen to this level and support you going forward in fulfilling your potential in all areas.

I'm excited about working with people who have a calling or feel deeply moved to make a positive change in their lives. 

Many are called, but not all answer. Some people are almost forced to listen and change. In many cases a soul has already agreed to awaken in this lifetime and it will create situation after situation to help their awakening occur. Often these situations appear painful and challenging. However, it has a purpose and the more we allow ourselves to fulfill our calling the more peaceful and harmonious this planet will be.

I have many successful artists, writers, business owners and even some entire families as customers who benefit greatly from this work.

How it works:

I invite new potential clients to avail of a free 20-30 minute Skype session. During this time we will chat about how you are, what you are seeking and ascertain whether we are the right match to work together and if so our plan of action. Following this we will arrange a one to one session or Skype meeting depending on location. 

The healing session starts with a chat about how you are feeling and what you would like to receive from the session. I encourage you to define your intention and desired outcome for each session.

Examples of intentions include:

  • Clarity re next step in life
  • Healing and letting go of a pain, trauma or some experience from the past
  • Feeling peace
  • Being positive and open to the next step
  • Aligning with the right career and job
  • To allow happen that which is for your higher good.

The customized sessions are very intuitive. They take place on a healing bed, dressed, shoes off and covered with a blanket while gentle music plays in the background. Iam guided each step of the way working with light beings and guides.

Some people will feel the energy moving and perhaps see colours and visions and some will not as it is unique to each individual and each treatment. In certain cases, messages and visions are received which are shared at the end of the session.

I like to work with clients over a series of sessions helping them self-realise whatever it is that is calling them. In these instances we may meet for example fortnightly or monthly. 

A summary report is sent to each client within a few days of the session. I am also available following sessions, usually via email or phone to provide support and answer any follow up questions. 

Although an appointment may only be 60 or 90 minutes, I prepare in advance for each session and following each session prepare a summary report which can include meditations, affirmations and recommendations.


This varies depending on location, length of session and other factors.

Sessions are available in Blessington, Dublin, London and Monaco.

The price generally is between €85 - €200 per session. Feel free to get in contact for further info.

Included in the price is prechat via email, healing session, summary report, recommended meditations customised to individual and on-going email support. I deeply value each client and only work with those who feel fully ready for this work,

Please note that no-one is ever turned away due to money so if you are are feeling called, you can also pay what you can afford. Please send an email/text/ call and we can discuss further.