How I got into healing

How I got into healing

As a child I was aware of other realities and had many strange experiences where other entities would visit me at night. This happened every 9 months to a year from playschool to the age of 13. I tried to forget it all as I grew up as I found it distressing and did not understand what it was all about. I tried to become a “normal” teenager and live a regular life…

Time passed by and then it all began again! In 2003 I was introduced to healing as well as to Tarot and Meditation by Maria Jesus Lopez. I loved meditating and began experimenting and achieving out-of-body experiences. In 2004 I moved to New Zealand where I underwent great change. I became aware that I was creating my experience of life and made a choice to be happy. As I became aware of an inner guidance I moved career path and began to work for a herbal healer Mervin Fischer. I worked for Mervin for over three years, making herbal tonics for clients, supporting parasite cleanses, advising on supplements and running one of his shops.

During this time, Bernie Melhuish, a New Zealand spiritual healer kindly invited me to work with him. We worked well together, and set up the healing centre, AllsWell, where we worked in our spare time with many people seeing many miracles over a number of years.

I was fascinated by natural herbs, flower remedies, supplements and healing foods as I saw what a difference they made to my life and to so many others. I focused upon my passion and after a while began to receive messages for my customers, from products that were helpful to messages about their life’s journey. I loved the work!

From July 2009 to May 2012 I took some time out to be with family, come back to Ireland, travel and develop my skills and self further.

In May 2012 I returned to Ireland from Mallorca where I was then living for the Uisneach Festival of Fire. As soon as I arrived in Dublin, I had a wonderful feeling and knew I was home to stay.

I am currently offering energy healing sessions all throughout Ireland by appointment and weekly in Dublin. Many report great results from healing sessions, enjoying the experience of the session ("the electircty running thorugh my body feels amazing!") and the after effects, " I felt happier than I've felt in years!" I don't tell everyone they'll feel this way, but you can expect improvements to your life and state of being. I wish you every happiness and continuous well-being. Healing is one of the ways I can support you with this vision. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in hearing more or having a personal session. Thank you.