About Orla

About Orla

I am the youngest of 7 children, daughter of Mervin Jospeh Phelan and Elizabeth Mary Culhane. As a young child, I had a natural love for God and liked the idea of becoming a singing dancing priest when I grew up!  I was also aware of, and experienced other dimensions of reality. My first memory was when I was about 4 lying in bed one evening when this strange feeling came over me. My favourite toy from playschool, a big spinning top, appeared in the air spinning right in front of me. This strange phenomenon and presence continued to visit me, in different ways, every 9 -12 months until I turned 13.merkabadance

To say I was scared is an understatement. I would scream the house down, but whenever anyone came, no-one else could see it,  hear or feel it. Objects would appear, as did other beings who would speak another language I couldn't understand or repeat, but could clearly hear. 

Many years later at a lightworker gathering in New Zealand, via a dream, I watched, the final encounter I had experienced. Although I couldn't see anything at the time, I had been completely overwhelmed by the powerful presence.

What I saw in the dream, was my 13 year old self being visited by a golden being in a merkaba of white light. It made sense. At the time all I could feel was the presence, so powerful it was frightening. I screamed and begged it to go away and never return. As there was no one home, I had then gone out onto the road and stopped the first car I'd seen. Neighbours were in the car, two of which were close in age and came into my house to stay with me and help me chill! 

What I did know following these experiences was that there were other things existing that most people couldn’t see or hear, but for some reason I could. 

I tried to forget it all as I grew up, and really just wanted to be a “normal” teenager! Like many healers/ sensitives, I often felt like an outsider going through life. Still though I had some great childhood moments and was blessed in many ways.

Some of my brothers and sisters & two of my cousins in the garden in our swimming pool!I went through my teens and university doing my best to follow what I thought was the way. Study, work, drinking, partying, friends...It was fine, and some of it great fun, but part of me felt separate. I felt a love for God from a very young age and regularly prayed to God and the saints. I always loved the views of the sea and through all these years would walk and sit by the cliffs, looking at the sky and believing and feeling in the mystery that is.

In 2003 healer, relationship coach, and my friend, Maria Jesus Lopez, introduced me to healing as well as to Tarot and Meditation. I immediately and naturally took to it and suddenly life began to have deeper meaning and purpose. 

My childhood had left me open to these experiences with a knowing that life existed beyond the 5 senses. My sister Anne, thought me a line this year, it was to look in the mirror at myself and say out loud,

'Everyday in every way I am getting better and better.' 

I did this and so it happened and funnily now, this sister, has no memory of ever saying this. I delved deeper into meditation and began to experiment successfully with out-of-body experiences. I didn't know why these things were happening, or why I could connect so easily to them, but felt more curious and in harmony that I ever had.

In 2004 I moved to New Zealand with my Argentinean musician boyfriend at what was to be the happiest time of my life. Instead, I found myself in a deep crisis. I stopped meditating and felt more unhappy, depressed, anxious and stressed with each passing day. I was confused, lost and amid other issues underwent 2 emergency operations to remove precancerous lumps from different parts of my body. It was a harsh wake up call.

I went to the dark depths of my being, that had always been there, but this time it swallowed me up... To cut this part of the story short, in the midst of crisis, I literally saw and felt a light enter my mind. Instantaneously I understood what was happening and how to go about turning it around. It was time to heal so I could as a conscious being awaken and thrive. Simply put, it was time for me to change!

From that moment on, I approached life from the perspective that I was responsible for my reality and so I would study why I had created the situation, gain new awareness, raise an unconscious Orla 1642006part of me into consciousness and then observe my outer reality also realign. Always upon this point of realisation and change, life Orla Beach 31would gift me something unexpectedly. It was a challenging and yet enlightening 5 years of insight, self-examination and growth. 

I left my business career and committed, like an ever increasing burning fire, to my spiritual awakening and path.

I made a clear commitment to be of service, and to help others as I was being helped. I found so much benefit from the herbs, flower essences and supplements that I left my highly paid business role to start working for the herbalist who had greatly helped me on my healing journey, so that I could learn more. During these years, I made herbal cleanse tonics, advised on supplements, managed a natural health store and discovered a gift where I'd be internally informed as to what people needed to rebalance, and what their natural gifts were.

During this time, I also began to work with Bernie Melhuish, a very special New Zealand spiritual healer, originally from England. We set up the healing centre, AllsWell and worked happily together with many people witnessing great improvements and what some would call miracles, over a number of years. 

Orla 7th July 2018

Orla band nzSimply put, in the midst of darkness, I discovered wellbeing, and was powerfully inspired to share the good news with others.

I began developing special healing teas, combining herbs, spices, plants and crystal essences which I thoroughly enjoyed bringing to festivals. I had come to a place of internal acceptance, love and balance, I stepped more deeply into how I could be of service to others and to this planet.

Following nearly 6 years in NZ I returned home to Ireland. A longterm relationship had finished about 7 months prior, giving me freedom to even more deeply follow my path. The call to be around family was strong and I gave myself permission to to return home, stop working so fast and slow down into the now. I was ready to step up my game again, which ironically meant lots of deep breathing, meditation and slowing down! 

I meditated for most of the next 18 months. Looking back it was such a gift to allow myself this, and not everyone could understand why I didn't want to get a well paying job(!) and instead live this simple way. However, for I, it was the most natural and blessed thing to do and be at the time. This led me to travel again, first to NZ to soul gatherings and on to India, where I visited many temples on a personal quest to somehow clear my sexual nature! I spent a powerful 6 weeks at Auroville, Tamil Nadu, on personal retreat where I had the opportunity to study and meditate on the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The journey continued on to Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar, Rajasthan and Mumbai among other places, with amazing experiences, including living with an Indian family and visiting every temple and living saint I could find enroute. About one year later, I discovered that integrating and raising one's sexual nature towards a higher vision, is much more effective than rejecting it. 

Upon returning to Europe I moved to Palma, Mallorca where I started writing. I realised from time travelling and many conversations that it was time to share the insights, lessons, experiences and gifts I had been given. The vision was that through books, workshops and retreats, others could access with structure and ease what it had taken me many years of study and self-examination to realise, thus supporting the journey of awakening for all. It is a beautiful vision and one I still hold.

In 2012 I returned to Ireland on holiday for the Festival of Fire and my God-daughter's Holy Communion. As I disembarked the plane, I saw and felt the light of a huge tree Orla Ganges Rosesrise from the roots deep in the earth up through me and out high into the sky. I felt like a tree that had returned home. I knew immediately that I would stay in Ireland and not return to Spain. I started offering healing and wellbeing products and have been working between Dublin, Blessington, London and some other lovely places since. 

I realised fairly early, on this journey of awakening, that mankind are going through a shift in consciousness, a leap in evolution is occurring and we are mid-transition. This is a blessed gift that at first, can be perceived as incredibly confusing and painful. As someone who has walked through the confusion into light, and understands much of the process, I have huge compassion and love for anyone on this journey. 

I am inspired by the vision of loving communities in an enlightened world. We are awakening to the flower of life within, connecting us with all beings and indeed as part of the whole universe and Great Creator that is. Every tear, a fractured disconnected piece of self dissolving back into wholeness.

A new chapter of light and love is here and you are part of it.

Could this be love?

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~From love we have come and to love we are returning~