Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

There is a great change happening on planet Earth and we as a mass of inidividual beings on this planet are currently awakening to higher consciosuness. 

The current leap is from “separation consciousness” where one sees onself as separate to others to “oneness consciousness” where one is connected to, influenced by, and influences. all that is.

Today this awareness is becoming mainstream with more people recognizing the value of love, family and connecting with others than ever before. Love is the essential element that opens us to this higher consciousness and divine flow of energy.

'The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.' Johann Hari

Connection, bonding and love with one another, and with something greater is what we all seek consciosuly or unconsciously. It is an integral part of a healthy, happy life, authentic being and successful life. For the individual, the group, the community and even the business model, it is the progressive and yet harmonious way forward. 

We are all interconnected and there is no more denying it! We have been transitioning into this new state of awareness for many years and there is simply no turning back. It is evolution, natural intelligence and of benefit. It’s time to surrender resistance, tune into love and experience the ease, harmony and clarity that this offers us. 

Here is a chart describing some of the differences between the old and new paradigm. Most people are transitioning through this change at present. Meditating upon love, observing the smooth breath, energy healing, exercising and a healthy happy diet, are powerful ways to help deal with this transition and support your spiriutal awakening.


Old Paradigm New Paradigm
Thinking mind Consciousness – Awareness – Observation
Thinking State of being - Feeling the moment fully
Prisoner of one’s own thoughts Observation &  awareness. Thoughts are temporary and come and go.
Spending time mostly thinking and ‘in the head’ Awareness  of what arises and disappears; In the space & in the body
Fear based thinking/speaking/feeling/ being Love based state of feeling/thinking/speaking/ being

Systems, economies and even thoughts based on the old paradigm, are breaking apart and gradually being replaced by new more evolved counterparts that are in harmony with the new paradigm and consciousness. Most children today are born naturally in alignment with this higher consciousness and over the next 50 years, massive reshaping will occur throughout the world as systems et al align with this new paradigm. Just as seasons change, it will change and cannot be stopped. The old paradigm and identity will crumble eventually. May love reign again in the heart of all beings throughout this planet. And so it is..


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