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Welcome to the Cleanse Revolution!
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Congratulations on joining the Cleanse Community!


This deposit can be used towards and April or October Cleanse 2021

What you receive

  • Welcome Pack: detailing the 5 levels of cleanse and the journey ahead. Once you've had read of this, you can set up your personal consultation.


  • Private online consultation: A 30-45 minute Zoom chat with Orla or one of the team leaders. We will cover the cleanse programme that you are most drawn to, including cleansing herbs, diet and support supplements, answer any questions, help you get a clear vision of your desired outcome, and step forward in confidence into your finest ever Cleanse Journey. 


  • Cosmic Cleanse Cookbook: Your own guide to cleanse friendly delicious dishes and drinks. Includes herbal tea, coffee replacement, snack, herbs, spices and main meals.


  • Facebook group: Come introduce yourself and meet everyone else in the community  Post here when you make a breakthrough, overcome a challenge, need some support or discover a great new cleanse friendly dish!


  • 4 workshops/ sharing calls: Saturday mornings  9.45am - 12 noon. We will go on an inner adventure each week, where you will have the time, support and space to deliver into your  inner world. In this place we can make changes that then shift and shift up in our outer world. If you wish to change your world, change it within first, this is what this is about. It is also a great opportunity to share and hear others share on the cleanse journey. With each other grow in health, authenticity, radiance and beauty. This is considered to be one of the main highlights of the cleanse.


  • 4 Q & A calls: Wednesday evenings Zoom 7.30-.845pm: Opportunity to ask questions and meet a special guest who will share on some aspect of cleansing.


  • Welcome Call: Our first call as a group- Diary it in and all calls now! Thursday 1st of April 7.30pm- 9pm
  • Celebration Congratulations Awards Ceremony Call: Friday 30th April 7.30-9pm


  • Special guests: Will join us on the Q & A or if separate, will upload to facebook group.


  • Weekly yoga sessions: Yes that's right, Grainne will be sharing a live weekly yoga session Monday with our community. Can't make it? Don't worry it will be uploaded and available all week to support you getting in your flow!


  • Week day live meditation: Live on Zoom. Open to all community members, live 30 -40 minute meditation to help you get in the zone for an amazing day ahead.


  • Buddy system: Another highlight of the past cleanses! You will be matched with another fellow cleanser and connect in with each other regularly throughout the month.


  • Great community: The cleanse makes you go deep into yourself nad one of the beautiful outcomes are deep connections with others creating a beautiful community. 


  • Feel great: By day 6 usually the energy begins to increase and then just keeps getting better and better!


  • Come home to who you truly are: Exactly the point of all of this. Youa re amazing. May you enjoy who you truly are!


Tier 1: Book by the 15th of March for special price of €189!
Tier 2: Book by the 21st of March for special price of €199
Tier 3: Book by 25th March for special price of €209
Tier 4: Regular price of €222


Additional €20 off for 2020 cleanse community.

Numbers limited, place your deposit today to secure your place and commit to this upgrade.

May you enjoy the greatest, happiest and most in the flow cleanse, and period of your life.



Orla is a wise and gifted teacher, healer and fellow cleanser. Her intuition and ability to see me, my needs and hold space for all members throughout the cleanse was inspiring and so very welcoming. Her technique is so gentle and kind, this is a cleanse rooted in support, no guilt, no pressure, simply an amazing life changing journey. 


This is my second cleanse with Orla, the first was during Lockdown 1 when I was recovering from the covid virus. Orla guided us so skilfully, navigating the ups and downs with unwavering support, lightness and inspiration. I would not hesitate to recommend taking the plunge with her as your guide. Having the support of a group during the journey cannot be underestimated. I learnt so much from each and everyone on the cleanse. It is an enriching and deepening of relationship to self that once you begin you never want to go back. 


What a journey. I did bite a little off more then I planned but feel amazing for taking the journey. I learned so much about myself and food in general. I was not the healthier eater I thought I was!! The group support was amazing and kept me going. It was harder then I anticipated but I will defininitely be doing the April Cleanse. I cannot thank you enough for your constant support and guidance. The introductory deck is useful and makes the journey a lot easier along with giving you focus. Thank you!


Orla holds a peaceful and quiet calm, resonating a magical air to her offering. With a clarity and consciousness, Orla’s guidance and wealth of knowledge in wellness and the sacred feels nurturing and safe. Orla’s connection to source and nature is powerful and humbling. I’m very grateful to have connected with her.


Orla's energy and dynamism was inspiring and contagious, she displayed patience, kindness, enthusiasm and presence and was a joy to deal with. I will have 'Remember that you are always the hero of your own journey,' as a daily mantra from now on, thank you Orla


Orla was a tremendous support on this journey for me.


Orla is like a warm soft sunbeam bringing light to darkness. I love how gentle she was whilst leading our workshops. Her wonderful personality shines so peacefully.


It was great to be made aware of the parasite cleanse and it's positive effects on the body... The fact that Orla went into so much research to make this Cleanse a possibility for others is fantastic... Orla goes deep with her soul homework and has much to share in the way of nurturing the path of the soul. Anyone who works with her is benefited by sharing in her clear and beautiful presence. Peace, clarity, Inner resilience and self love are highlighted in her work... Though she has lots of amazing tips as regards food and nutrition. I would love her to make a cookbook... I would say it would be absolutely fantastic and I would definitely buy it! ❤️




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