Copper Om Neti Pot

An ancient Indian practice for purifying the body; Clear head congestion, clear the eyes and ears and open the third eye. Relax the mind. Breathe more easily. Profoundly powerful and brilliantly effective.
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The ancient and powerful cleansing technique of 'Jalaneti'

'I had tried herbs and supplements to get rid of congestion but nothing seemed to work properly. After 6 months I decided to finally get a neti pot. The results were staggering. I used it twice a day, morning and evening and within 5 days my head, eyes, ears and throat felt clearer than I could ever remember them feeling. Even more surprising was the calm and good feeling that came to my thoughts and mind! I began to have deep, clear and elated thoughts. I was getting naturally high! The copper makes it even better again boosting the immune system! Wowers . Highly recommended*****'

This copper neti pot greatly helps:   Pure neti

  • Bring relief to:
    • Hay fever: clear hay fever symptoms
    • Sinus issues: used daily, can be a thing of the past
  • Clear the eyes from the inside, for great shine, clarity and vision
  • Clear the ears from the inside for greating hearing and comfort
  • Relax and calm the mind; Incredible for increasing peacefulness 
  • Gently open the third eye: increase creativity, inner vision, dream recall, awareness and consciousness.
  • In addition the copper charges the water favourabley providing many additional benefits. To ge the most benefit possible fill your neti pot at night with pure distilled or pre-boiled water and leave stand for 8 hours. In the morning pour out a cupful and drink.
    • Refill cup with boiling water. Add a teaspoon of sea salt.
    • Stir to dissolve salt and pour back into neti pot.
    • Chek that tempoerature is correct before proceeding (should be body temperature. Use the same method as for checking a baby's bottle - put a few drops on under arm, the correct temperature is when it feels the same temperature as your body). Scroll down for further instructions.

This practice may look unusual because it is not part of Western culture. However, once you use this for a week or so the benefits will outweigh and clear your mind of any uncertainty. 

The following is adapted from The health site. According to Ayurveda, when water is stored in a copper vessel the copper gently leeches into the water and lends it all its positive properties. The best part about this water is that it never becomes stale and can be stored this way for long periods of time. Water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in your body, (vata, kapha and pitta) and it does so by positively charging the water.The water stored in a copper vessel is known as ‘tamara jal’ and is supposed to be consumed after storing the water in a copper vessel for at least eight hours. 

The health benefits of copper:

Can kill bacteria: Copper is known to be oligodynamic in nature (the sterilizing effect of metals on bacteria), and can destroy bacteria very effectively. It is especially effective against E.coli and S.aureus – two bacteria that are commonly found in our environment and are known to cause severe illnesses in the human body. Known to help prevent common water borne diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and  jaundice, copper has been touted as the cheapest solution to cleaning water in countries that do not have a good sanitation system.

Stimulates your brain: Our brain works by transmitting impulses (or orders) from one neuron to another through an area known as the synapses. These neurons are covered by a sheath called the myelin sheath that acts like a sort of conductive agent – helping the flow of impulses. Copper actually helps in the synthesis of phospholipids that are essential for the formation of these myelin sheaths. Thereby, making your brain work much faster and more efficiently. Apart from that copper is known to have brain stimulant and anti convulsive properties (prevents seizures), that do a world of good for your brain. 

Regulates the working of the thyroid gland: Experts say that one commonality amongst people with thyroid diseases is that they usually have low levels of copper in their body. While this is most commonly seen in people with hyperthyroidism (excessive thyroid hormone), those with hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone) may also suffer from this deficiency. Copper is one of the most important trace minerals the thyroid gland needs to function optimally. A lack in copper can send the functioning of the gland out of sync. So when you drink water from a copper vessel it makes up for this possible deficiency and regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland. 

Beats arthritis and inflamed joints: Copper has very potent anti-inflammatory properties. This asset is especially great to relieve aches and pains caused due to inflamed joints – like in the case of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Skin health and melanin production: Have acne or blemish on your skin? Drink water stored in a copper vessel. That is because, copper is the main component in the production of melanin (a pigment that mitigates the colour of your eyes, hair and skin) in our bodies. Apart from that copper also aids in the production of new cells that help replenish the top most layers of your skin. While melanin helps the body stay safe from sun damage, speeds up wound healing and covers up scars, the production of new cells is a boon for smooth, blemish free and clear skin. Ayurveda experts say that drinking this water on a regular basis, especially early in the morning can be the difference between acne and clear skin. 

Slows down ageing:  If you are worried about the appearance of fine lines copper is your natural remedy. Packed with very strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties, copper fights off free radicals and helps in the production of new and healthy skin cells. 

Helps the digestive system perform better:  Copper has properties that stimulates peristalsis (the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the stomach that helps food get digested and move along the digestive tract), kills harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation within the stomach– making it a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infections. Apart from that copper also helps cleanse and detox your stomach, regulates the working of your liver and kidneys, aids in the proper elimination of waste and ensures the absorption of nutrients from food.

According to Ayurveda, if you want to help detox your stomach, drink a large glass of water that has been stored in a copper vessel, early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Aids in weight loss: If your diet just doesn’t seem to be helping you lose weight, try drinking water stored in a copper vessel on a regular basis. Apart from fine tuning your digestive system to perform better, copper also helps your body break down fat and eliminate it more efficiently. 

Beats anaemia: The most amazing fact about copper is that it is required in most processes that occur in our body. Right from cell formation to aiding in the absorption of iron, copper is an essential mineral for the functioning of your body. This is one of the reasons that it also helps in keeping anaemia at bay. Copper helps keep the levels of haeme (iron) up and regulates its flow in your blood vessels.

Helps heal wounds faster: Known for its immense anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, it is no wonder that copper is a great way to heal wounds quickly. Copper is also known to strengthen the immune system and aid in the production on new cells. But its healing properties don’t cease with helping the body externally; copper is also know to help wounds within the body, especially the stomach. All this put together makes copper a very effective healing agent.

Helps maintain cardiovascular health and beats hypertension: According to the American Cancer Society, copper has been found to help regulate blood pressure, heart rate and lowers one’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also helps to prevent the accumulation of plaque and has the documented effect of dilating blood vessels to allow for the better flow of blood to the heart. It also helps lower one’s triglyceride levels. Also good for blood vessel support.

Can fight off cancer: Copper has very strong antioxidant properties that helps fight off free radicals and negate their ill effects. According to the American Cancer Society the exact mechanism of how copper helps prevent the onset of cancer is still not known but some studies have shown that copper complexes have a considerable anti cancer effect.


According to the FDA about 12mg/day is more than sufficient for the body to use without causing any harm. So, do not overdo the exercise! Drinking water once a day from a copper vessel is enough to reap its benefits.

Detailed Instructions for use:

This copper neti pot is a revolution of itself. For heavy congestion use twice a day, otherwise once a day is sufficient.


Takes about 3 minutes to use.


  • Copper Om Neti Pot - 500ml
  • Natural salt -not table salt or dishwasher salt- natural sea salt or rock salt is best. 1 teaspoon for a full pot
  • Clean lukewarm water either pre boiled or distilled  

1. Combine warm water with one teaspoon of sea salt: this makes the water the same temperature and saline content as your blood which makes the experience very gentle and easy. If the water is too hot or cold, too salty or not salty enough, it can feel like an icecream headache! If that happens, start again. Prepared correctly it is a very enjoyable experience.

  • You will know when the temperature is correct as it will feel the same terperature as your body. Pour a little on your under arm and it is the correct temp when it feels the same termperature as your body - lukewarm.
  • Use 1 teaspoon of sea salt per 500mls of water (this equals full neti pot).

2. Bend forward from the hips over a sink, turn the face to the right and fix the neti pot into the right nostril. Warm water will flow in, there will be no air entering. Breathe in and out the mouth. The water will naturally flow through and out the other nostril drawing with it any impurities or irritants from the sinus area. If one is congested it may take some seconds for the water to move through. 

3. At half way remove pot, turn head to the left and inset into the left nostril.  neti pot use

4. When finished blow nose gently to release any water. Go easy do not blow nose hard. This is a gentle process and it is extremely important that this is done correctly. This will prevent any water getting stuck in the head which can lead to colds and infection.

5. Bend over from the hips put your head towards your right leg, blow into a tissue 10 times, towards your left leg the same, then bring head to the middle and again blow 10 times. the water will naturally drain this way.

6. Stand up straight. Put finger on right nostril, blow 10 times through left nostril, then swap over.

7. Take a big breath in and blow out the nose 10 rapid breaths.

8. Take 10 breaths in and out of the nose.

9. The nasal area should now be drained and dry.

10. Dry pot properly and put away, deep clean in hot water with lemon regularly.

 It is as important to dry your nose correctly as it is is to have the correct water temperature, the correct saline content and actaully use the neti pot. These four elements are as important as each other. Ensure they are correct for a great experience!





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