The Soul's Goals 7 Week Immersion Programme

Hello beautiful friend and happy 2022. If you have been feeling sensitive, deep change occurring, increased heart beat, unsure which way to go, emotional…. you are not alone. We are in an unprecedented time of huge change on this planet, and also in each of our lives.
It can be frightening, challenging, but also exciting and mind opening. One of the best things about a huge challenge or is a renewed willingness to surrender, change and grow.
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I am seeking a small group of persons, each interested in tuning into their higher-self, inner-self, the soul path, tuning into that wisdom that is within each being. Interested in living in a way that internally excites, feels harmonious and serves this planet? 

If this resonates, then this course is for you. They say it takes 40 days to create a new habit. We will have 49 days to tune into delight, and see what this leads to, in our minds, relationship, work and over all reality. We will meet once a week on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm on Zoom, where we will have time to journal, practise specific meditations that open the mind, receive guidance and share our insights & breakthroughs.

Interested? Send an email and it would be my pleasure for us to arrange a time to chat to tell you know about this and answer your questions.

  • Looking to shift your headspace in a great space?

  • Looking to develop your intuition and understand your inner guidance?

  • Had enough of a busy mind?

  • Ready for some meditation guidance and clarity of mind?

  • Ready for the flow like never before?

Join us! This 7 week programme is for you.

Grab this opportunity to join a select community of fellow souls ready to step up, tune in and live in the flow. 

Up your game, feel better than ever, enjoy meditation and feel good practises to bring out the best in you.

Enjoy optional live meditations as well as weekly check-ins, journalling and workshops. 

This is what you've been waiting for, and now is the time.


Do you have a feeling that you are here for a reason, but wonder what is that reason and is it possible to find out?  

Do you wonder if your special vision is actually possible and if so how to go about fulfilling this vision? 

Do you feel that you would like to be of service to the higher good and a more harmonious and loving world?

As consciousness expands, this approach supports you in recognising and realising your highest vision while experiencing greater wellbeing and happiness on a day to day basis.   


Through the feeling of delight we connect with our higher guidance. The good news is that anyone can do this, and with practise it gets easier to live mometn to moment this way. Multiple realities and universes coexist.  Through alignment you can shift from one reality to a more harmonious reality. So it’s completely true when we say 

Every day in every way life is getting better and better! 

The Soul's goal is a process that will help guide you through  

  • Authentic I am: Identifying with the true self 
  • Authentic self-confidence 
  • Tune into higher self and cosmic mind
  • Aligning with your inner guidance and higher path
  • Feel more satisfied and happier.


  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem no matter what your past. 
  • Understand and shape your belief system, attitude and identity so that it aligns with true you, the god self and your vision. 
  • Heal your foundation so that you feel stronger and more present. 
  • Find yourself naturally feeling content, accepting and happy with what is. 
  • Experience more satisfaction and fulfillment daily. 
  • Recognise soul guidance. 
  • Clarity with your higher path. 

Workshops take place in person, online and via retreats.


'Thank you Orla,  I really enjoyed the souls goals... love and light.' 


'Hey thanks for yesterday, it was fun and when I went to bed I felt such a huge energy flow through me for hours!' 


Just did a course of the soul's goals, with Orla Phelan I highly reccommened it.' G,B. 


Orla is so talented in so many aspects of her life and in particular to helping you find you true soul's goal. I have done various souls courses with Orla and always found them brilliant. I myself was trying to find my calling in my career path and with the help of Soul's Goals I found my true north. I can't put into words how much that has meant to me and I am so grateful for Orla and her Soul's Goals course for helping me find it. If you want to change life into the right direction, well the Soul's Goals is it!' C.S  





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