1.5 hour healing session with Parasite Cleanse!

Healing is an ancient art that has existed for thousands of years. Gift yourself or someone you love this deep re-balancing, energy alignment and energy healing session.
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Treat yourself or someone you love to a 90 minute healing with Full Parastie Cleanse and Bach Flower Remedy

Click here for more information on the Dr. Hulda Clarke Parasite Cleanse

According to Dr Hulda Clark, these herbs used together, as separate ingredients will provide you with the most effective approach to:

  • Successfully cleanse parasites from your body and 
  • Increase your well-being.

This is an intense cleanse that can make quite a difference to how you feel. Expect to notice physical, emotional and mental shifts to your state of being.

Furthermore the pack includes Ornithine and Arginineto help the body detox while increasing your rejuvination and energy.


Healing Ania Orla SMALLHealing can help one let go of the past, of patterns and traumas both known and unknown. In addition on will feel more peaceful, heart-centered and enjoy greater clarity. It can also help align one with their soul quest and inner guidance and thus help one achieve their calling in life with greater ease, joy and clairty. It is deeply enriching and profoundly life changing.  

'I was in a challenging place when I came across Orla's work. I thought I'd give it a go but had no idea what to expect. I had a profound experience during our first session and continue now to visit Orla monthly. I understand myself more, feel better about myself, clearer and am making better decisions plus my work is moving in the right direction! I honestly feel more peaceful and lighter than I have since childhood and I am really enjoying this turnaround!'

Click here for more information on energy healing.


Session includes the use of crystals, toning, sound and hands on gentle touch.

Price includes Bach Flower Remedy, a report with a summary of session, meditation plus email support.

All queries are welcome and a skype call is possible in advance to chat and ensure that this work is right for you.






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