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Increase your energy, help your liver detox ammonia, boosts sex drive and immune system!
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A great product for boosting energy.

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'When I go for a run, I feel I can go 20 - 25% longer and faster when I've taken one of these arginine capsules!'

This discovery was a surprise as was originally taking them to help the body detox on a cleanse, and didn't expect a noticeable difference. Happy days!


Arginine is a conditional amino acid, meaning the body usually makes enough to meet your needs under normal conditions, but more may be needed in times of illness and trauma.

However and interestingly, everyone who has trialled these with I, and given feedback, whether cleansing or not, has mentioned the noticeable improvement to physical energy.

In addition:

  • High concentrations of arginine are found in the skin and connective tissue, where it helps to prevent the thinning and wrinkling of the skin. 
  • Arginine also helps in the process of producing new bone and tendon cells.
  • Arginine participates in immune system support by encouraging more activity from the thymus gland, where disease-fighting T-cells are made.
  • Wound healing and the production of certain enzymes and hormones also happens with arginine’s help.


Enjoy energy for dancing, walking, running and any type of getting physical. 

 Cleanse programmes now taking place in April and October.

Also part of the Dr Hulda Clark Cleanse Protocol, also available from this website.


In general, 1 capsule gives about a 4 hour boost to one's energy.


IT IS ONLY TO BE USED WHEN PHYSICAL ENERGY IS BEING EXERTED. Otherwise the body/ mind can feel restless.

This information is not intended to cure or diagnose. Always check with your healthcare professional.

Thank you!


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