Pachamama Kakao

Pachamama Kakao is enjoyed for pure bliss. It is enjoyed for its high nutritional content and as an aid to vitalise the heart, relax the body and deepen focus It is used by many for general wellbeing, meditation and ceremony.
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Pachamama Kakao is pure raw ceremonial cacao

Enjoy this beautiful potent beverage any time of day for a boost to the body, mind and soul.
Feel more relaxed, nourished, warm inside and happy.

I find cacao a wonderful safe, healthy and yet fun option firstly for relaxing, and chilling out by myself! But equally brilliant for meditation, connecting with friends, raising the vibe, going into ceremony, and yes even for parties!
Likewise, it's adaptability makes it perfect as a drink when I'm working from home while I regularly enjoy a cup before I go for a walk in nature and or do some outdoor healing work. I love the warm and uplifting feeling following a cup of ceremonial cacao.
Make your own!

Can be made with water or plant based milk or combination.
There is no right or wrong way, but below is how I like it. May you enjoy.
1.         42g is considered a full ceremonial dose. Most times I have somewhere between a half dose and full dose.
2.         Use a grater or knife to finely chop cacao. For large amounts can use food processor.
3.         Heat up a small amount of sugar free plant based milk in a sauce pan.
4.         Add cacao and stir into smooth consistency. STIR CONTINUALLY FOR BEST RESULTS.
5.         Add teaspoon coconut oil, mini pinch of sea salt, pepper, vanilla and cayenne (optional). Agave or stevia to sweeten.
6.         Dilute with milk/ water so that you have the perfect amount you like. We often drink this is small teacups, so that it is strong like an espresso. It can also be more diluted and milky if you wish.

Pour, and sit with drink for a minute or two before consuming.
Connect in with the earth. Listen to your heart.
Ask yourself, what is your intention for this moment?
Listen, and if it feels right acknowledge it out loud.
What makes Ceremonial Cacao?

  • Grown organically.
  • Artisan, manual, handling. No industrial machines used.
  • The cacao beans come from small farms. No big industries.
  • Sustainable cultivation, coming from respected land users. Pachamama is nourished, not eroded.
  • The beans are sun dried. Not machine roasted.

There is not yet an official control unit certifying cacao as ceremonial. Unofficially, however, there is an agreement that certain requirements must be met for cacao to be called ceremonial cacao. Even though all cacao is fermented, that alone, does not make the cacao ceremonial. The fermentation process simply activates the good properties and nourishment of the cocoa. Raw means that the temperature in the fermentation process does not exceed 42. This is not to be confused with raw cacao, which is raw but not necessarily ceremonial.
Pachamama Kakao is certified organic ceremonial cacao.

Who makes Ceremonial Cacao?

It is grown, harvested and packaged by the farmers of the Community in Valle del Rio, Satipo, Peru. The farmers work independently. They own their own plantations and are paid per kilo cacao their plantation produce. The price paid for the cacao is 22% above market price. The farmers are paid 50-60% in advance meanwhile the cacao fruits are growing. The rest of their payment is paid after the harvest. 
The cacao is packed in bags approved for the purpose, free of aluminium and other chemicals.

Now, from the comfort of your own home you can enjoy this cacao and make it for yourself and the ones you love.

Beannachtaí ages grá.

Blessings and love.



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